Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia (called “BFI”) is a non-profit, non-sectarian Buddhist organization  that facilitates those who would like to learn and practice Dhamma, through activities such as Dhammatalk, Businesstalk, montly Dhamma & Puja gathering, community service programs, meditation retreats, and pilgrimage to holy place. With around 348 registered members, BFI has positioned itself as a social-religious organization whose mission is to spread Dhamma to general public.

BFI was first established in the mid of 2007 to accommodate the learning and practicing Dhamma by mature and established individuals. In the subsequent year, BFI was formed to cater for younger crowds (i.e. profesionals, business-owners, young parents, etc.) whose ages are typically between 22 and 40 years. In general there are same mission and hold event together with younger crowds. However, there are some activities that are held separately to cater the two different segments.

To become member in BFI, participant fill membership form and donate Rp. 900.000 anually. This fee, among other things, is used to offer donations to our speakers (monks, nuns, and / or other speakers including moderators and translators), and to rent the venue and all other necessary equipments to conduct our events. Each member will receive free meals and DVDs of Dhammatalk / Businesstalk.



We facilitate the making of a Buddhist community that is proactive in learning, studying and practising the noble teachings of the Buddha; achieving the Six Well-beings; and energetic in rendering services to the world.

Kami memfasilitasi terbentuknya sebuah komunitas Buddhis yang proaktif dalam belajar, mempelajari dan mempraktekkan ajaran-ajaran luhur Sang Buddha; mencapai 6 kesejahteraan; dan energik dalam memberikan pelayanan kepada dunia.


Our mission is to effect personal transformation and social improvements around the world by providing appropriate educational opportunities based on Buddha-Dhamma.

Misi kami adalah mempengaruhi perubahan pribadi dan perbaikan sosial di seluruh dunia dengan menyediakan kesempatan pendidikan yang sesuai berdasarkan Buddha Dhamma.

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Core Value
Joyful effort
Self Reflection