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  • A being who hasn't been ur mother [father,brother,sister,son,daughter]at a time in the past [due to many rebirths]isn't easy to find –Buddhaabout 6 days ago
  • RT @Mertaada: Tak ada pesta yg tak usai, liburan yg tak berakhir, kesenangan atau penderitaan yg tak berakhir, semuanya berproses. Hadapi d…about 7 days ago
  • Buddhism explains that the fundamental nature of human consciousness is pure & clear; that the nuclear ... http://t.co/IzDmgaAd1habout 14 days ago
  • Puja&Dhammachat BFI Besok: Mungkinkah kita meraih kesuksesan ekonomi di Indo dg murni mempraktekkan Buddha Dhamma? http://t.co/6UiWRtjieIabout 26 days ago
  • The more you attempt to reject external phenomena, the more they will spring back to you. Hence, therefore, ... http://t.co/MqSjxE0hr7about 27 days ago
  • Mungkinkah mencapai kesuksesan ekonomi murni dg jln Dhamma? Bagaimana caranya & mungkinkah dijalankan? ... http://t.co/KE2bpZ1rBvabout 1 month ago
  • RT @LYWA: If you expect your life to be full of ups and downs, then your mind will be much more peaceful. -Lama Yeshe http://t.co/Vdyjb3gUabout 1 month ago
  • Saudara/i se-Dhamma, BFI House libur hr Minggu, 17 Agst. Puja berikutnya: Minggu, 24 Agust "Mungkinkah Kita ... http://t.co/oR4PQwrI7Xabout 1 month ago
  • When we give anything or make any offering, may we give with genuine generosity, while we give up greed for returns. -Stonepeace @tdenewsabout 1 month ago
  • Because everything changes from moment to moment, we should treasure everything in this moment. Because ... http://t.co/Lv37sNzVagabout 1 month ago
  • RT @LYWA: Being conscious, aware of everything that you do—walking, eating, drinking, talking—is meditation. -Lama Yeshe http://t.co/4n79qabout 1 month ago
  • Besok di BFI House: Puja & Meditasi. Pk 10-12. Sekolah Minggu juga tersedia http://t.co/RjAeKrJH7oabout 1 month ago
  • Mari kita berdana makan siang, mendengarkan Dhamma & pemberkahan dr YM. Bhikkhu Dhammiko besok. Pk 10-12 di BFI House http://t.co/Py3EiBS3D2about 1 month ago
  • Ajahn Brahm: “Our endless desires are like asking something the world will never give us. Every time ... http://t.co/ls2rIiVhXZabout 1 month ago
  • Anywhere you don't want to be is a prison. Ajahn Brahm http://t.co/23BaudmVoNabout 1 month ago